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AGTech Garage, AgriPoint, Brazil, Marcelo Pereira de Carvalho, CEO

Marcelo Pereira de Carvalho
Marcelo is Co-Founder of AgTech Garage, a connection hub for agtech startups and corporations.

Founderand CEO at AgriPoint, a company that provides qualified information for thedairy market in Brazil through many channels: websites, symposiums and consulting services. Its website MilkPoint is the largest think tank for the dairy sector in Brazil, with over 100.000 subscribers. Its MilkPoint Mercado dairy market intelligence service has over 200 corporate customers.

Marcelo gave more than 300 talks in 19 countries in the last 10 years, on the following topics: Brazilian dairy market perspectives; World dairy trade and perspectives; Supply chain management in the dairy sector and milk promotion; strategy and dairy innovation. Agronomist, graduated at the University of São Paulo (1992), with a master’s degree in animal sciences at the same University (1988) and a MBA through FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração (2005).

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