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Renewable Energy in Brazil, Niels Leidecker, Denmark

Niels Leidecker is Danish of origin and moved to Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 2007.

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From then on, he has used his background within the technology development, business model innovation and business development to help foreign companies enter into the Brazilian market. He has been involved in market entry of companies from varies segments such as information technology, telecommunication, energy efficiency, solar energy and financial services.

After working on an applied science assignment for organic photovoltaic solar technology, he acquired a general interest for the dynamics of energy generation and consumption, which are central elements for our businesses, daily lives and society as a whole. However, the value chain hasn't changed since Edison and Tesla. Centralized Generation of electricity, which is transmitted and distributed via capital intensive infrastructure to the end consumers, makes electrical energy expensive and unreliable.

When the Brazilian regulator opened up for Distributed Generation, they allowed consumers to generate their own electricity by i.e. installing solar panels on their roof-tops or even remotely. Residential installations have been driving the increased number of solar installations since then and large C&I consumers have now started to sign Corporate PPA's to get access to cheaper renewable energy.

Unfortunately, the commercial and industrial SME's, which would benefit highly from getting access to more reliable and cheaper energy at a predictable tariff to facilitate growth has little option but to pay very high-interest rates, if they get accepted for financing at all.

Niels has a firm belief that economic growth, environmental sustainability and good investments are no longer opposite attracts but can go hand in hand and ensuring acceleration of energy efficiency and distributed energy projects.

The technology exists, the money is there and business models have been proven, even though they might need to be adapted to local conditions.

There is a need though for a platform to close the gap between project and financing based on the creation of trust by applying best practices, compliance and governance from the project and throughout the lifetime of the asset.

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