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Tracey S. Yang, CoAuthor "Super Women"

Tracey S. Yang is Coauthor of the book Power up, Super Women, Stories of Courageand Empowerment And co-owner of Kyo Production, a videography company together with her husband John.
She was born in Florence, AL.  growing up in the Alabama-Mississippi area. Followed a career path in entrepreneurship at 12 years old, and she dreamed of one day owning her own entertainment company.
Tracey S. Yang carries the belief that entertainment has the ability to create a much-needed positive change for the world. This desire to influence positive change can be found in all of her work. Sitting down, one day, as a child, Tracey S. Yang watched a television show that featured a speaker who spoke about his belief on entertainment and change, which the speaker stated the following, "Entertainment has the ability to change countries." This statement encouraged Tracey S. Yang to continue onward with her chosen career path.
Much of Tracey S. Yang's artwork is influenced by Japanese anime and manga. Due to the appreciation for the Japanese arts, Tracey S. Yang spent time living in Japan in 2010 and 2011. A New York Times writer also featured her in the Japan Times in early 2011. However, due to the 2011 Japanese tsunami, the natural disaster forced her to return home to the United States.
While home, she completed her bachelor’s degree at the Mississippi University for Women in Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphic design. During college, she founded a school organization referred to as A.I. This experience helped Tracey S. Yang gain valuable leadership experience, which she continues to use today.

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