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Brazil Ethanol Summit 2011

Ethanol Summit 2011

Brazil Ethanol Summit 2011

Launched originally in 2007 by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA), the Ethanol Summit is now one of the world’s top events focused on renewable energies, particularly sugarcane ethanol and the expanding array of sugarcane-derived applications.

In 2011, for the third edition of the event, more than a thousand participants and 120 speakers from all continents will converge at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in São Paulo for 15 panels, four plenary sessions, two major ceremonies, plus a series of parallel events and meetings.

Solutions for the Low Carbon Economy will be the major overall theme of the event, which will lead the discussions well beyond the use of ethanol as a motor fuel to a variety of new trends and uses emerging around the world, for ethanol and sugarcane itself. From the growing use of bioelectricity generated from burning sugarcane bagasse in high efficiency boilers, to the increased use of ethanol in the production of bioplastics and progress in the development of so-called second generation ethanol, advances in flex-fuel technology for motor vehicles and in biotechnology, leading to the production of biohidrocarbonetos from sugarcane, including diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and fine chemicals.

All topics will be discussed and moderated by recognized experts, researchers, investors, leading business executives and government officials from around the world, gathered in the country where the world’s most successful project for the large-scale replacement of a fossil fuel with a renewable option is a reality.

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June 6 and 7, 2011

Grand Hyatt Hotel - São Paulo

ZTE announces factory in Hortolandia, Brazil

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Tododia - Fri, March 25, 2011

The multinational company ZTE Corporation, which manufactures equipment for 
cellular and wireless Internet, today announced the establishment of a factory 
in Hortolandia. The deployment of the unit serves as a decision by the federal
 government requires that products manufactured in the country for developing 
the National Broadband Plan.
The investment and number of direct jobs generated by the project should be 
released today at an event that will be attended by the Minister of Science and
 Technology, Mercadante and Mayor Angelo Perugini (PT). The company already
 has local production of modems to access the Internet through the manufacturer 
Flextronics, also in the region of Campinas.

36 Hours in São Paulo, Brazil -

36 Hours in São Paulo, Brazil -

Brazil and Anti-Corruption Legislation

Brazil and Anti-Corruption Legislation

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As one of the world’s largest energy producing countries, many US companies have subsidiaries in Brazil, which are subject to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Most of these companies have translated versions of the US FCPA compliance program. Such translations often disregard the size, nature, and particularities of Brazilian business, as well as the local risks and legal requirements pertaining to the Brazilian subsidiaries. Although these programs add value to companies, provide more security to investors and avoid reputational damage, aside from other benefits, they are mostly implemented by Brazilian subsidiaries of American companies subject to the FCPA. It is unusual to find a Brazilian company not subject to the FCPA that has a compliance program in place...

GlobalEnglish - Detail

GlobalEnglish - Detail

92% of Global Employees Performance at Risk Due to Poor Business English Skills

Recent Survey of Global Employees Representing 3,500 Top Multinational Corporations in 152 Countries Shows a Widening Gap between Business English Proficiency and Organizational Requirements

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