Steven Dossou, Leadership University, Sail Force Catalyst, Netherlands


Today’s guest Steven Dossou , he llives in the Netherlands but is joining us from Turkey.

Steven is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Author, co-founder of Leadership University, Owner of Sail Force Catalyst a DEI Advocate and the creator of "IGNITE THE TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT. Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership roles on a global platform.

Steven will tell us about the  start of Leadership University? 

Thanks for sharing your time with our listeners who can find more about Steven Dossou on   and find his books on Amazon: “Be Transformed  and “Psychology and Habits of Great Leaders”.

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Bruno Santos, Customer Experience, Business Strategy Specialist, Hortolandia, SP Brazil

Today’s guest is Bruno Santos joining us from Hortolandia, São Paulo.

Bruno and I met at The Inova Trade show in Campinas 2019. Bruno is passionate about learning new technologies, applying innovation, optimizing processes and being part of a bigger purpose, impacting people's lives.  He has been working with customer experience, digital product management and business strategy. Bruno shares his experience and tips about living, studying and working in  Australia.

Bruno when you went to Australia without family, friends or sponsors what did you learn about networking and being Employable?

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Xenia Quirino, AstroCoach, Brazil

Today’s guest is Xenia Quirino joining us from São Paulo.

Xenia and I met several years ago when she was President of the Executive Secretary Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce Sao Paulo, Office. She has served as a Senior executive Assistant executive in several Multinational companies in Brazil and is now an AstroCoach at Espaço Natividade in Sao Paulo, where she now advises  on how to bridge the gaps between talents, challenges, mind, soul, emotions and personal and professional accomplishments.

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Genesis Amaris Kemp, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Houston, Texas


Today’s guest is joining us from Houston Texas is GenesisKemp, Genesis and I met on the PodMatch Podcast Host platform, and I recently interviewed her on my other podcast Café & Networking. She has been featured on dozens of podcasts, magazines and decided to start her own podcast, GEMS, with Genesis Amaris Kemp. A Motivational Speaker, and Author of the Book “ChocolateDrop in Corporate America – from Pit to Palace”

Genesis has extensive experience in the corporate world and shares: . Why are you so passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

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David Leister, Purpose Brazil, San Antonio, Texas

Today’s guest is David Leister joining us from San Antonio Texas. David and I met several years ago a business development visit he made to Campinas. I then had I had the opportunity to interview him here on Talk 2Brazil in 2013 . David Leister is now Executive Director at Purpose Brazil, Purpose Brazil partners with faith-based entities and people across America to develop and lead high impact short-term mission trips to Brazil. 

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David Leister is a global missions strategist and executive pastor from San Antonio, Texas. David lived in Brazil for nearly eleven years, where he met his wife, Carlett, who hails from Pará. They have two daughters, Sarah and Indy Lara. The Leisters are a multicultural family that calls both Brazil and the United States home, and probably speaks more Portuguese at home than English! 

After a couple of decades as an entrepreneur, business development executive, and international trade promoter with the State of Texas, David went into full time vocational ministry in 2017. While serving as a pastor on staff and director of global missions at one of the largest and fastest growing evangelical churches in America, David and Carlett launched Purpose Brazil, a nonprofit entity with tax exempt status. 

Purpose Brazil exists to deliver real hope and lasting life change to underserved communities and people in Rio Grande do Norte in the name of Jesus. Through a network of public-private partnerships, Purpose Brazil’s vision is to scale and expand its model of development and discipleship throughout Brazil. Purpose Brazil invests in underserved communities and people, sharing the hope of Christ, providing leadership development services and other tangible resources to initiate real, measurable life change for generations to come.

Jean-Yves Laguillez, Digital Marketing in China

Today’s guest is Jean-Yves Laguillez  joining us from his office in Paris France. 

Jean-Yves is  Co-Founder at EMOTION Digital – experts in increasing  marketing return and sales in China, through digital marketing services, WeChat marketing and other Chinese social networks to make your brand visible on Chinese market. 

Jean in a recent LinkedIn post you mentioned China as acollectivist society, expand on that for our listeners? 

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Manca Korelc, LinkedIn Therapist, Build Brand, Generate Leads, Slovenia

Today’s guest with us again is Manca Korelc talking with us from beautiful Slovenia and the city of Ljubljana. Manca is a world class LinkedIn Therapist, empowering companies using Linkedin to build brand and generate leads through modern social selling. She is also a lover of Lakes and Book Author. 

Manca, recently on your newsletter you posted "7 Tips for 7 activities,49 times How to do the Linked Ing right.


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Dominick Domasky, Motivation Champs, Founder, Publisher, Storyteller, Author, Pittsburgh.


Dominick Domasky is s a publisher, author, storyteller, and founder of the inspiration sharing platform Motivation Champs and offers clients a full-service publishing platform from concept to published author.  I first interviewed Dominick in 2013 when Talk 2 Brazil was broadcast on LA Talk Radio in Los Angeles and talked about his first inspirational book “Don´t Double Bread the Fish”.

He now tell us about his evolution from author to publisher and how his experience and success,  helps others. I have a soft spot for first time authors having been through that myself. I´ve interviewed three of his published authors: Nicole Jensen, Tracey Yang and Evelien Vans Es .

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Evelien van Es, Sparring Partner, Author, Be Relentlessly Yourself, Netherlands

           Today’s guest is Evelien van Es and she is talking with us from Maarsen, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Evelien is Owner and Founder of Signature 4 Success, she is a Sparring partner, mentor and coach for business owners and Senior managers.  Evelien is also the Author of Be RelentlesslyYourself.

 We met through a virtual connection on Linkedin from our mutual friend and previous Talk 2 Brazil guest Dominick Domasky. 

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Daniel Bland, Editor, Americas of Global Fleet, The Executive Network

 Today’s guest is  Daniel Bland who has been a guest several times before and talking with us from his office in São Paulo. 

Daniel Bland is also an American living in Brazil, an Independent analyst and writer providing in-depth, up-to-date business news and insight, as well as corporate communication services in the Americas. A Facilitator for international business collaborations and media communications for some of the largest companies in the world. He is Editor Americas of Global Fleet, The Executive Network.

Daniel talks about the  Fleet LatamConference 2021 coming up this week showing , The Fleet LatAm Conference gives international and regional fleet and mobility managers the solutions to stimulate their business and the opportunity to learn from best practices in Latin American fleets. FREE REGISTRATION. 

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Gilberto Mayor, Machine Learning Expert, Brazil


Gilberto Mayor is an expert in machine learning, with a PHD in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, large experience on leading the development of complex machine learning software for business problems. Expert in both Probability and Programming.

He has studied at The Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, The Aeronautical Institute of Technology in São Jose dos Campos Brazil, Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

He was a Research Collaborator at the University of Campinas UNICAMP and is now CEO at BEEGOL a machine learning company in Brazil.

Gilberto, you have studied at some of the best schools in the world and you are an excellent example of People Learning and a fantastic example of Machine Learning, what are the similarities and differences?

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Renan Bandeira, Work from Anywhere, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, The World!


Renan Bandeira is a graduate of the Federal University of Ceara,in Computer Science, finished a Master´s degree In Computer Software Engineering in 2018.  In 2012 he was an exchange student at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and in 2014 a Volunteer Experience in Social Service at CMF International in Mexico. There he met new people and tried to change students’ minds making them think about their Future! Renan was highlighted in a recent newspaper article aboutBrazilians working internationally without leaving Brazil. After reading the article I immediately invited Renan to connect on LinkedIn.

Renan, when you were in Mexico talking to students did you ever think that one day you would be sitting in Fortaleza and working for a company in Orlando and now in New York?

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Uriel Jaroslawski, Urban Mobility, E-commerce Specialist, Brazil

Uriel Jaroslawski is CPO & CTO at Quicko in Brazil. He is a specialist in Urban mobility, E-commerce, Marketplace, Software Development, Product Management, Machine Learning, M&A, and Digital transformation.  He has worked in Chile, and Argentina, Studied High Performance Computing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Engineering and Information systems at Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires.

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Flavio Oliveira, Communication Expert, Brazil, Europe.


Flavio Oliveira, Communications Expert, Brazil, Europe talking with us today from his office in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. Flavio Oliveira is the Founder and Senior Communication Manager at Junger Communication in Amsterdam, Netherlands, specializing in Sustainability, Diversity, Equality, Culture, Art, Digital Marketing Strategy International Relations and Future Thinking. Brazilian, who studied in England, lived and worked in Holland and Spain,  For starters shares with our audience what is Integrated communication , and  services offered in Europe and the world?

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Mark Herschberg, The Career Toolkit Book, New York


Today’s guest is Mark Herschberg talking with us from his office in New York.  

Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit, the essential Skills for success that no one taught you!

 And those skills Networking, Negotiating, Communicating, Leading, and Career Planning.

Mark, you say “The Career Toolkit shows you how to design and execute your personal plan to achieve the career you deserve “.  Does that work anywhere in the world? 

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Luis Rasquilha, CEO Inova TrendsInnovation Ecosystem, Brazil

Luis Rasquilha is Chief Executive Officer at Inova -TrendsInnovation Ecosystem, Brazil. which represents Inova´s Consulting, Inova Business School, includes: Inova Research, Inova Online and Inova Club.  Luis is a Futurologist and Trends Expert , has been a guest many times before, always talking about the future. Today we´re going to talk about Future of Business opportunities in Brazil and specifically the Greater Campinas Region for Brazilian and global companies.

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Jean-Yves Laguillez, Co-Founder Emotion Digital, Shanghai, Paris.


Today’s guest is Jean_Yves Laguillez  talking with us from his office in Paris ,France.

 Jean-Yves is another example of Virtual Networking. He was presented to me by Julien Sicard who lives in China and a previous guest on Talk 2 Brazil.

Jean Yves is an authentic China expert, C- Level Executive with strong experience to develop business, marketing strategy, sales and to lead company in China and Asia zone for over 10 years. He is Co-Founder of Emotion Digital an agency located in Shanghai and Paris, which helps western brands get into China through WeChat marketing and other social media platforms in the Chinese digital landscape.

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Karen V. Ordones, CEO, Estonia, Brazil, the World.

Today’s guest is Karen V. Ordones talking with us from her office in Tartu, Estonia. 

Karen is Cofounder & CEO at an EdTech companywhich you can find at is the #1 global platform designed with tutors in mind. A marketplace with  powerful CRM, billing, class management tools to fuel internet-powered entrepreneurship and to equip tutors with the tools to establish, grow and manage their brand & business.

Karen talk about  her life´s journey from Brazil to Estonia! Why Estonia? Why Brazil Now?  AIESEC? 

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Ian Houston, Scottish Business Network US, Washington DC.

Ian Houston talking with us from his office in Washington DC in the USA. 

Ian Houston is President and Ambassador of the ScottishBusiness Network US. A nonprofit organization in the US with the goals of supporting Scottish companies and organizations access opportunities in North America and to bring together the Scottish diaspora across the continent. Also advocate for American entities, investors, and policy decision-makers to engage with Scotland more deeply.

 Ian, tell us about Scottish business outreach to the world and what´s in store for 2021.

Ian Houston is also a Contributing Editorial Writer at theHerald Scotland,  the “Letter from America”.

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Erico Pastana, CEO Venture Hub, Brazil

Erico Pastana is Co-Founder & CEO Venture Hub a startup and technology acceleration hub with offices in Campinas, Brazil (HQ) and Manaus, Brazil.

He is Co-Director Campinas Chapter of Founder Institute a global incubator headquartered in Silicon Valley that helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring companies and

Advisory Board Member of Kovver APP, a music platform that allows you to play and sing with your idol, removing or adding musical instruments and vocals, whenever you wish.

 Erico, last week I interviewed Marcelo Knobel Rector of Unicamp University of CAMPINAS and talked about how Campinas has the power of attraction for startups and entrepreneurs. You are an example of that!   Talk about your experience as one on these companies! And what makes the regionspecial from other ecosystem hubs in Brazil.  What do you see as the secret to continued success in the Campinas?

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Marcelo Knobel, Campinas, Brazil, Rector UNICAMP University


Marcelo Knobel is Rector of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas Unicamp, Marcelo has been at the University for over 25 years in several roles as a Professor, Dean and Rector and was also a student earning his bachelor’s degree and PHD in Physics.

Marcelo is a Member of the Technical Standard Committee IDCA- International Data Center Authority in Wasington, DC. IDCA was established to streamline, structure, educate and give direction to the information technology, data center and cloud industry.

Unicamp was founded in 1964 and is recognized as: One of the three best universities in Latin America, 

One of the top 100 universities in emerging economies. The Top Brazilian university in number of patents. 

The best in the country in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering and Technology for two consecutive years (2018-2019) .

2nd place in the ranking of the most entrepreneurial universities in Brazil according to Confederation of Junior Enterprises (Brazil)

4th place among the most sustainable universities in Brazil and among the 100 most sustainable in the world,

Marcelo knows the university inside and out and as leader have maintained the power of attraction for the University for the city and for the greater region of Campinas, attracting and creating academic, business and research opportunities. He shares :What do the next years look like in terms of growth and innovation? Where do you see the University and the region of Campinas?

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Scott Dalgleish, Scottish Business Network, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scott Dalgleish is Head of Marketing at the ScottishBusiness Network, an independent international membership organization for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders. With a goal to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between the group of talented Scottish companies and a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe. Scott has been a guest before, and it is always a pleasure to have him back.

Looking forward to 2021 and at the same time business challenges and opportunities how do you see that future for your members? Do you see a stronger outreach rom Scottish companies in the global market?

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Steve Scheibe, All Abroad Consulting, San Diego, Predictions Brazil 2021


Steve Scheibe is managing Director of All Abroad Consulting, He is a Professor at National University in San Diego where he teaches International Business courses, He is also a Volunteer Mentor at InovAtiva Brasil, mentoring Brazilian startups seeking to grow business activities in North America.

 Steve has lived in Brazil and knows it well we´ve had a chance to meet here in Campinas at business events and where he is on the International Board of Advisors for   Hope Unlimited Cidade dos Meninos in Campinas.  

Steve, every year you make your forecasts regarding Brazil and to keep the tradition you recently published on your 11 predictions for Brazil 2021. 

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Andre Chaves, Co-Founder Future Hacker, Brazil

 Today’s guest is Andre Chaves talking with us from his office in Sao Paulo Brazil. 

Andre is Chief Growth Officer, Squadra Ventures, focused on Business Development of innovation and technology-driven projects; He is Strategic Advisor to bettrAds an AI Adtech SAAS Platform that empowers marketing teams to get more performance on their Ad campaigns and Founder of Leme Growth, helpings companies and startups in the technology, media, and communication segment to digital transformation and to identify innovative growth alternatives.

Andre is also a volunteer and co-founder of Future Hacker, exploring new paths, new discoveries, and new thoughts that should become reality in 10, 20, 30 years.

 The Global market has become one market, and probably in the next ten years we will see markets on other planets, as you see it “What is the outlook for 2021 tech driven projects in Brazil? “ Why should international companies and investors look here for opportunities?

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