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Andre Chaves, Co-Founder Future Hacker, Brazil

 Today’s guest is Andre Chaves talking with us from his office in Sao Paulo Brazil. 

Andre is Chief Growth Officer, Squadra Ventures, focused on Business Development of innovation and technology-driven projects; He is Strategic Advisor to bettrAds an AI Adtech SAAS Platform that empowers marketing teams to get more performance on their Ad campaigns and Founder of Leme Growth, helpings companies and startups in the technology, media, and communication segment to digital transformation and to identify innovative growth alternatives.

Andre is also a volunteer and co-founder of Future Hacker, exploring new paths, new discoveries, and new thoughts that should become reality in 10, 20, 30 years.

 The Global market has become one market, and probably in the next ten years we will see markets on other planets, as you see it “What is the outlook for 2021 tech driven projects in Brazil? “ Why should international companies and investors look here for opportunities?

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Yassine Regragui, Fintech, China Expert, Paris, France, Dec 9 2020


Today’s guest is Yassine Regragui talking with us from Paris, France, We first met through mutual LinkedIn connections.

 Yassine has years of international working experience in Fintech including 6 years in China at the Alibaba group and Deloitte. He was the first non-Chinese employee to join Alipay in China to lead the multilingual app´s Product Operations. He speaks 5 languages and lived in Hungary and Morocco. Yassine is a guest speaker, lecturer, and Certified Fintech expert.

You have seen and follow the cutting-edge technology in digital payments and Alibaba and Alipay are probably benchmarks today. It has been said that most Chinese handle all payments thru the smartphone devices and that, payments are cashless and touch free.   Here in Brazil, we see a strong movement towards digital payments and transactions as well. The question: is money as we know it in the world obsolete? Do we still need banks? 

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Victoria Mendes, Books, Soccer, Business, Brazil, USA

 Today’s guest is Victoria Mendes talking with us from Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States.

Victoria and I connected a few days ago on LinkedIn and I have learned a lot about her in these few days.

 Victoria is from Campinas, where she studied, played soccer as an adolescent, through both the books and the ball, she received a full NCAA Scholarship to study and play University level soccer in the United States, recently graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Management, and started an MBA in Finance at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Victoria is also member of the Lafayette Women´s Chamber ofCommerce and President of Net Impact a volunteer student organization at UL to help local businesses assess their performance as it relates to civic engagement, social diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainable business practices, she also works as a Graduate Assistant at the University.

You have had an extremely intense period in a foreign country, another language, studying, practicing, playing as a goalkeeper with the stress of knowing you are the last stop in front of the goal.

 How did you keep your head together? Did you ever relax?

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Rafael Pinto, Think Global Bootcamp, Brazil, Canada


Today’s guest is Rafael Pinto Talking with us from Rio de Janeiro   .

 Rafael has been a guest before he is Founder and Director at Occasio International Advisory and is now Co-Founder of The Think Global Initiative organizes in-person and online Bootcamps (in Brazil and abroad), In-Company training activities, and Mentoring to assist Startups and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to change their mindset to global thinking and where a participate is in an international immersion without having to leave your city. Prepare to think and act with a global view.

Rafael, Think Global recently wrapped up the first bootcamp with interaction between Brazil and Canada, how did that go? Plans for 2021?

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Rafael Fulton Fernandes, Diversity, Equality, Equity, Inclusion, Brazil, EU, US

 Today’s guest is Rafael Fulton Fernandes talking with us from Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA.

 Rafael Fernandes is a Brazilian, lived and worked in multiple countries, has developed global and multicultural relationships, achieving professional and academic success. Is a leader, over-achiever, dreamer, determined, goal-oriented and career-driven individual. His passions include Diversity, Equality, Equity and Inclusion. I first met Rafael as a high school student in Brazil when he participated in an event at Amcham Brasil here in Campinas.

Rafael, you finished high school in Brazil studied and worked in Germany then Studied and worked some more in the US, having finished BS degree at Penn State University.

 From your point of view how do you see Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Brazil, Europe and the US at schools and in the corporate world? 

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Filipe Wesley de Souza, Co-founder, Global Business, Brazil, China, UAE, USA


Talk 2 Brazil the Business Connection, a leading Brazil Business Podcast talking about business in the world.

Today’s guest is Filipe Wesley de Souza Talking with us from Londrina, Parana Brazil.

I met Filipe thru Eva Hsu one of my guests from China who made the Connection.

Filipe Wesley de Souza has vast global business and education experience, having lived and worked in the USA for 14, years, China for 9 years and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for 2 years and now in Brazil where he is co-Founder of  . the fastest growing online teachers' marketplace in the world.    Filipe, tell us about his global journey and your thoughts of “What makes the world different but more importantly what makes it the same”?

2) and how it offers an amazing suite of business management tools for private tutors and a marketplace to grow business with new students. 

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Julio Bravo, Co-Founder, Contrarian Agriculture Series, Brazil

                                                         Julio Bravo, Talk 2 Brazil Podcast Guest

Today’s guest is Julio Bravo Talking with us from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Julio is CEO AgroBravo Brazil, a company which offers Technical, Educational experiences in the AgriBusiness sector. He is also Co-Founder, Contrarian Agriculture Series.

Julio, you, and I know that Brazil has a vibrant, ever growing, innovative Agricultural sector. Tell our audience what is the Contrarian Agriculture Series and what are your objectives? When and How to register?  You can find more about Julio on LinkedIn more about Contrarian Agriculture Series 2.0 

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