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Digital Brand Storyteller, Eva Hsu, Shanghai, China

 Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection with Tom Reaoch Host and Producer

Today’s guest is Eva Hsu joining us again from Shanghai, China. Eva and I connected on LinkedIn and I interviewed her here in May. Eva Hsu is a Digital brand storyteller, Data architect & Founder specializing in Market Research and Strategy in China.

Eva has been a cross-culture storyteller since the age of 8, lived in the US as a child and later educated in Taiwan, switching from English to Mandarin Chinese has been part of her daily life.

As an international business developer, she works with startups to corporate clients as well as NPO/NGO projects. Eva´s clients come from a variety of places:  US, Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Singapore, China, as well as Brazil.

In May we talked about Storytelling and branding.  In a recent post of yours on LinkedIn you mention “First weekend in Shanghai, after completing the 14-day hotel quarantine”.Today I´d like to talk about your story, your recent return to Shanghai, quarantine and new normal in China!

Thanks for sharing your time with our listeners.@evahsustories and her site

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Secrets of Influence, Elaina Zuker, Author, CEO EZInfluence, Canada

 Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection with Tom Reaoch Host and Producer

Elaina Zuker is a seasoned businesswoman, author, consultant, and educator. President of Elaina Zuker Associates in Montréal, Canada. Has taught seminars to hundreds of employees and managers at major corporations such as AT&T, IBM, American Express, MCI International, and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and industry events.

Author of six books, on leadership, management, and communication. Her best-selling book, “The Seven Secrets of Influence” (McGraw-Hill), the recent Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club, has been translated into four languages, and is now also an e-book.

Her latest book is “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” and is now part of a co-authored book on the subject in Portuguese.

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Corporate Influencer, Irene Kilubi, Founder, brandPreneurs & brandFluencers, Munich.

Irene Kilubi joining us rom Munich, Germany. Irene is Community Builder, Corporate Influencer connecting GenZ, GenY and GenX, founder of BrandPreneurs & Brand Fluencers which is all about Branding and Communication. Irene and I met on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn she was awarded Top 12 Stories on LinkedIn 2020 and Top 40 Content Creators on LinkedIn. One of her "featured articles" caught my attention. The 3 revolutionary lessons on Personal Branding from Nelson Mandela. In her past  experience she was a Global mentor for The African Entrepreneurship Award and also a member Google Women tech Makers Program.Here we discuss her suggestions for Personal Branding across the many generations in a more global and digital world.

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The Slovenia Lakes, Manca Korelc, Author, LinkedIn Expert, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection with Tom Reaoch Host and Producer

Today’s guest is Manca Korelc Joining us again today from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Manca is a LinkedIn Trainer Helping B2B Companies Using LinkedIn Profiles and Pages to Boost Marketing & Increase Sales. Lover of Lakes, and now an author having just launched her first book The SloveniaLakes Manca Korelc, Top 1010 Lakes.
Manca decided to visit all Slovenian lakes with the bike, amazingly she cycled to more than 1050 lakes all around the country. Fantastic Story!

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Dan´s Digital Playground, Daniel Rosenberg, Hangzhou, China

Talk 2 Brazil Business Connection with Tom Reaoch Host and Producer
Today’s guest is Daniel Rosenberg and he is joining us from Hangzhou, China.
Daniela is a Bilingual, data-driven, and customer-oriented communications professional specializing in content and marketing with an emphasis on developer and media relations, campaign planning, creative copy, SEO, marketing analytics.
He is currently at Alibaba, one of the world's largest tech companies, supporting Ant Financial, Alipay, and Luohan Academy. I met Daniel thru LinkedIn where I saw one of his entertaining and highly informative videos about financial and health services in China.
 Before we get to the videos, Tell us about you journey life’s journey from the United states, to Moscow, then to China where you have a Chinese Proficiency test level of 6 and run around making videos in the streets of China!! What is Dan's Digital Playground? 

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Social Entrepreneur, Adam Newman, Favela Inc. Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro.

Today’s guest is Adam Newman talking with us from Vidigal Favela Community, Rio de Janeiro.
Adam is a Social Entrepreneur, Non-profit Founder and VR Virtual Reality Film Producer.
President and Co-Founder of Favela Inc, located in Vidigal a Favela community in Rio,
He is CEO of Favela Experience also in Rio, and also a Flm Poducer of Yawarani VR, a VR 180 film created with the Indigenous community in Yawarani , Rio Gregorio in the state of Acre, Brazil.
Adam and I met thru a mutual LinkedIn Connection, ElliotRosenberg, a previous guest on Talk 2 Brazil. 
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Innovation, Disruption, Roger Spitz, CEO Techistential, San Francisco

Talk 2 Brazil Podcast - The Business Connection by Tom Reaoch, Podcast Host and Producer
Roger Spitz is the founder of Techistential, The Global Foresight, Strategy & Futures Intelligence platform. Roger works in an Advisory capacity with business leaders worldwide to capitalize on disruption as a springboard to drive value. He is founding Chairman of the Disruptive FuturesInstitute an Education Think Tank and is also an advisor and speaker on Artificial IntelligenceRoger has invested in several AI startups, has lived, and worked in 10 different cities across 3 continents including Brazil.
Roger knows Brazil well and also something about the Brazilian mindset, In my years here  I found “Disruption” to be a way of life and for years business leaders trained to spin on a dime, every day was a new day, not necessarily a better day. Are there quick fix springboards?

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