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Marco Linhares Brazil Bullying Specialist

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Marco Linhares is computer engineer at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil and advocate of education and entrepreneurship. He believes we are all capable of awakening our potential and having an extraordinary life in this short span of time called life. For this, we must be happy, create a purpose to build a legacy and keep learning. Marco is one of the creators of the Entrepreneurial League, an entity that helps students create a business while still in college and was also a math teacher, testing multiple ways to empower his students to dream big, which eventually led to the creation of Voix the Game, providing tools for educators to work on diversity acceptance issues such as racism and gender inequality, giving voice to people who suffer discrimination. Marco Antonio Linhares is Brazilian from Fortaleza, Ceara. 
Marco nurtered his StartUp at Founders Institute Campinas at the Venture Hub Campinas.

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