Renata Thiebaut, COO Green Proposition, Author, China e-commerce White Paper, Shanghai.


Renata Thiebaut lives and works in Shanghai, China and is the Representative of Alibaba Global Initiatives for their expansion in several key markets; She is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of consulting firmGreen Proposition; and Partner at award-winning e-commerce agency and Alibaba "TP", Web2asia.

Renata is author and will launch a Report on e-commerce to help Brazilian brands entering China. It’s an in-depth study of several industries such as food & beverage, fashion, cosmetics, exploring trends, consumer behavior and potentialities for Brazilian brands.

The event will happen on a Zoom conference, Jan. 26,online, in Portuguese at 10 am. BRT. And will be an awesome opportunity for Brazilian companies that want to enter the largest e-commerce market in the world.

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Talaya Dendy, Health Equity Consultant, Cancer Doula, Las Vegas, USA


Today’s guest is Talaya Dendy and she is joining us from Las Vegas, in the US.

Talaya Dendy is a Cancer Doula, Cancer Thriver, Cancer Health Equity Consultant, Mental Health First Aider, and Podcaster who has dedicated her career to advocating for, guiding, supporting, and empowering people diagnosed with cancer.

Talaya and I met on the PodMatch Podcast matching platform. Talaya hosts the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast, and she had me as a guest where we discussed my own Breast Cancer journey.

Talaya has been a guest on numerous podcasts. The Authority Magazine and Thrive Global featured her as an "authority" in the interview series, I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It.

Kere Talaya shares her views; One, no two cancer stories are equal, Two, we need an ally or allies in the journey. 

A supply chain analyst in her previous life, she developed a fulfilling career path from cancer patient to Founder and CEO of Onthe Other Side LLC, a cancer navigation enterprise which, provides personalized support using a patient-centered and holistic approach.

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Mateus Evald, Geological Engineer, Multicultural Global Person, Vinhedo, Brazil


Today’s guest is Mateus Knabach Evald joining us from Vinhedo in the State of São Paulo.

Mateus is a Geological Engineer, graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. Spent one year at Kansas State University in the United States in a non-degree program in Engineering Technology/Geology.  Also acquired a Professional Degree in International Work and Intercultural Understanding from Hald International Center in Mandal, Norway.

He now works as an Environmental Consultant at Finkler Ambiental in Vinhedo, specializing in management and sustainable restoration of contaminated sites.

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