Tom and Ajay, Three Nation Live with Moses Busher, Malawi

Happy to Co-Host with Khudania Ajay as we "Proof of Concept" our first Co-Hosted Three Nations Live Podcast with Moses Busher from Malawi

Moses Davide Busher, is an experienced NGO Management expert, grew up in rural areas of Malawi, and attended school in the village called Bereu Village in Chikwawa District.

He is a writer, Mentor, Education Expert, the Regional Director responsible for Africa at YORGHAS Foundation International, an organisation that exists to towards improving women's access to maternal healthcare, equip maternity wards, provide trainings for medical staff to improve the standards of perinatal care, implement key childcare practices and do all to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality ratio in African Countries.

Moses Busher with 18 years’ experience in Senior Positions worked for Local and International NGOs. A member of Light for the World, Board member of Malawi Network Against Trafficking MNAT, CEO of the Centre for Childre´s Affairs Malawi, is an advisor of NGO leadership and mentor of Youth NGOs in Africa and Locally.

Moses has vast experience in Resource mobilization, Policy Development, Research, Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Relations and a Global Peace Ambassador. 

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