Presentation WTC Club Sao Paulo New Trainees

Tips and advice to the new trainees at the WTC Business Club on best practices in networking and business relationship development. Today 3 pm.

Interview with Markus Hofrichter

Talk 2 Brazil interview with Markus Hofrichter Monday July 27 ant 12 pm LA 3pm NY and 4 pm SP. Markus is German and a resident of Brazil, a specialist in Lean Manufacturing. Live on LA Talk Radio Channel 2.

Giovanna Marçal at the High Potential Training Executive Experience Sao Paulo

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Giovanna Bertipaglia Marçal, lucky winner of book by Thomas F. Reaoch.

Ruy Andrade at the High Potential Training Executive Experience Sao Paulo

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Ruy Andrade, Business Attorney from Salvador Bahia, Brazil was the first participant in the group to transform the theory of the Networking and social media presentation into practice. He immediately joined Linkedin and twitter.

Antonio Dias Royal Palm Hotels Resorts Campinas, Brazil

Listen to the program with Antonio Dias, CEO Royal Palm Hotels & Resorts Campinas Brazil, founder and twice president of The Campinas and Region Convention & Visitors Bureau, presently the vice president of ABIH-SP , director of Resorts Brasil and a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce AMCHAM Campinas. Click to PLAY

Gini Dietrich next guest on July 13

Listen to Gini on Monday July 13, 12 pm LA , 2 pm Chicago, 3 pm NY and 4 pm Sao Paulo on Talk 2 Brazil Channel 2.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and chief executive officer of Arment Dietrich, Inc., a boutique communications firm in Chicago. Gini is a business owner who understands how communication results affect the bottom line and year-over-year growth. Specializing in social media, she takes her expertise and translates it to help corporate brands use online media to network, develop new business, and grow the company. Arment Dietrich more than doubled in size in 2008 and more than 70 percent of that growth came from social media. Gini has considerable influence in the social media world, with more than 6,000 followers and a grade of 100 percent on Twitter. She is also ranked among the top five Tweeters in Chicago (many of them are well-known media personalities), and in the top 10 in Illinois. To encourage dialog about the positive role of PR, Gini founded a blog, The Fight Against Destructive Spin , to help business owners, government and regulatory agencies, and media understand the important role PR plays in branding and awareness. She has been interviewed in several top business publications on social media, resulting in stories in USA Today and BusinessWeek.

The LA Talk Radio Story

Talk 2 Brazil is proud to be part of the The LA Talk Radio success story .
The Little Radio Station That Could.

Tom at Launching

Amcham Business Day Campinas and launching of Talk 2 Brazil The Business Connection . The first live talk radio program about business in Brazil.
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