Tom Reaoch at FAB Future Advisory Board meeting ACIC Campinas, Brazil

Learning from those who know. Presentation by Celso Roberti, Business Development Director Gartner Brazil
#Innovation #Networking #FutureAdvisoryBoard #ACICCampinas
Ubirajara Pasquotto, Cybelar sharing his recent visit to China.

Celso Roberti, Gartner Brasil

Networking Presentation by Tom Reaoch to Lions Club members Vinhedo, SP Brazil

Yesterday I had the pleasure to make my Networking presentation in Vinhedo, Brazil to members of Lions Clubs from the LC-2 District. and . Special thanks to Katia Teixeira for the invitation to speak to a great group of business professionals from regional cities including, Jundiai, Campinas, Itatiba, Valinhos, Itapevi, Indaiatuba as well as the city of Sao Paulo. Social causes sustained by successful business persons and members Lionsclubs .

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