Nick Tasler CEO of Decision Pulse.

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Jan. 27, 2014.

Nick is an internationally acclaimed author, thought leader , an organizational psychologist and management consultant, he has helped leaders across the globe achieve their highest potential by learning to think more strategically and act more decisively.

His books have been translated into multiple foreign languages and are currently sold in more than 20 countries.  Nick is a frequent guest lecturer at the Wharton school of business, a management columnist for the Harvard Business Review, and the Strategic Thinking blogger for Psychology Today.

Nick is the author of The Impulse Factor: An Innovative Approach to Better Decision Making and his s latest book is Why Quitters Win: Decide to be Excellent , recently published by MotivationalPress.

 He holds a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology and lives with his wife and three sons in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Fort Myers, Florida.

Jeff Krantz , President

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Jeff Krantz , President , Author ,  Award-Winning  Sales Trainer , Executive coach  and Keynote Speaker.

 Jeff lives each day with a deep sense of purpose. He integrates his contagious enthusiasm for sales performance with his experience of consulting Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class training programs.
His unique speaking and training style is not only fun and entertaining but is also saturated with proven strategies that send the participants of his seminars and keynotes away with far more than they expected.

While Jeff  Krantz is well-accustomed to addressing executive groups, he is also no stranger to humble beginnings. His earliest days of career were spent in a third generation, family-owned business. It was this early experience of innovation and entrepreneurship that shaped Jeff’s character and work ethic while also giving him unique insights into the dynamics that drive successful enterprises.

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