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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Talk 2 Brazil Business Daily

Talk 2 Brazil Business Daily

Tom Reaoch, Talk 2 Brazil Internert Talk Radio Host on LA Talk Radio, World´s first & only English language radio program on Business Development in Brazil. Talk 2 Brazil, the business Connection to Brazil.

David Ó Beagáin, Expert in Foresight

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with David Ó Beagáin, Expert in Foresight

David Ó Beagáin  is Irish and an expert in Foresight and in this interview talks about Brasil and Foresight.

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His love affair with Brasil started 25 years ago. In 1987, aged 14 he fell in love with the music of the great composer Heitor Villa Lobos.

In 2001 and 2002 David lived in Brasil, working in KPMG and in General Electric in Due Diligence.
In 2012 David fulfilled a life ambition. He returned to live permanently in Brasil after successfully selling his boutique consultancy firm in Ireland.

His firm served public & private organizations, like, the Irish Government, the European Commission, Hobbs Fashions of London, The Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) and The Brazilian National Agency for Entrepreneurial Businesses (SEBRAE).

David now living in Brasil, works for organizations to develop their Foresight capability.

Foresight is the process of future-intelligence-gathering and long-term vision-building. David is active with the European Foresight Platform and Foresight Brasil as well as many other agencies.

King's College London - About King's Brazil Institute

King's College London - About King's Brazil Institute

The King's Brazil Institute, founded in 2008, provides a focal point for Brazil-related activities across a range of academic disciplines.
Promoting an understanding of Brazil and developing the profile of Brazilian Studies at the university level in the UK, the Institute coordinates and develops Brazil-related research capabilities and Brazil-focused programmes of study at King's, while also building links with Brazilian organisations in education, the cultural and creative sectors, business and government.

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Dario Berrebi, Founder and CEO

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Dario Berrebi, Founder and CEO

Dario Berrebi, Founder & CEO  of

Dario  is a Brazilian and French national, studied at the London School of Economics - Fudan University (Shanghai) and also at The National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Paris, France) a leading University in Oriental Languages &; Civilizations where he studied Chinese Studies & International Trade, International Relations as well as Korean Studies & International Trade.

Listen to his interview PLAY or DOWNLOAD . We talk about slavery in Brazil, in the fields and in factories. Yes, now! Slavery in 2012!

Dario Berrebi  is also SEO &; Content Writer, at – Online Doctor Services where he is responsible for Web Editing, Online Marketing &; Search Engine Optimization.

Dario is an Independent Filmmaker, Director, editor, writer. He authored and co-authored short movies, documentaries and music videos in a variety of languages: Chinese, Korean, English, French and also a Freelance filmmaker for different clients associations, university and companies.

The effect of major sporting events on inbound tourism in Brazil

Marketing Pousadas Brazil: The effect of major sporting events on inbound tourism in Brazil

How Brazil can profit from lessons learnt in the run up to the London Olympics and attract more independent travellers...

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist

Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist
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Edwin is originally from a Brazilian town called Holambra which is strongly connected to international culture, more especifically the Dutch one.  In 2010 Edwin decided to study for his  masters in Europe,  and is currently finishing his masters in sport management at the German Sport University, in Cologne, Germany.
Edwin studied Sports (with focus on sport management) at the University of Sao Paulo where he participated in the junior enterprise. Besides an academic background, he also worked  at Máquina do Esporte  in Brazil, a leading media company that covers sports from a a business perspective. In addition to his studies in Germany Edwin is also an assistant at the international department of Sport und Markt, a global leader in market research in sports based in Cologne.
In Europe, Edwin tries to attend as many sport events as possible like the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals, but also to smaller ones like boxing and wakeboard contests. He also plans to be present at the Olympics in London!
Topics of interest: academic research, market research, sponsoring, social media, innovation. And even better when they are all connected to (any) sport.

You can find Edwin Asberg on and LinkedIn

Global Briefing | Forget the Beach, Mall Culture Rises in Brazil | BoF – The Business of Fashion

Global Briefing | Forget the Beach, Mall Culture Rises in Brazil | BoF – The Business of Fashion

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — In emerging markets like India and China, luxury shopping malls have often struggled to successfully take root. Quality and execution issues have plagued many of India’s new shopping centres, while, apart from the very best developments, many of China’s large-scale malls are often worryingly empty. But despite the fact that the sun is always shining and the breeze is always blowing, Brazil’s luxury malls are booming.

Although overall economic growth in the country is slowing, Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers, one of Brazil’s biggest mall operators, expects net sales to rise 25 to 30 percent in 2012, according to its first-quarter earnings report, released last month, and plans to open or expand eight malls by 2015.

Here in São Paulo, the recent opening of the $154.8 million JK Iguatemi mall, the Iguatemi Group’s thirteenth in Brazil and third in São Paulo, sparked a frenzy amongst the city’s upper and middle classes. The hotly anticipated new mall — which opened two months later than expected after Iguatemi ran into trouble obtaining local permits to build new access roads capable of handling an expected 20,000 shoppers a day — is the veritable talk-of-the-town, not least because the complex houses South America’s first Lanvin, Van Cleef & Arpels and Topshop stores, alongside offerings from Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, DVF, Prada and Tory Burch.

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Justin Sachs, CEO Justin Sachs Companies

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Justin Sachs, CEO Justin Sachs Companies

 Justin Sachs is the President & CEO of Justin Sachs Companies consisting of 8 organizations including his industry leading publishing company, Motivational Press, Inc. and his international speaking tour, The Ultimate Success Tour. Justin is the author of four books, three of which have become best sellers.
 Listen to the interview with Justin Sachs:  PLAY or DOWNLOAD
As one of the top leadership and peak performance speakers in the world, Justin’s authentic, powerful and inspirational presentations have become legendary. His message has changed thousands of lives around the globe. As the host of Motivational Minds Radio, Justin connects with the best of the best in spreading a message of hope and strength throughout the world.
Justin Sachs’ Coaching supports some of the most successful corporate executives and entrepreneurs in the world as he works with them to create breakthrough results in their organizations and throughout their lives.
Justin’s current projects include Ultimate Business Mastery, his signature event where he instructs entrepreneurs and small business leaders in taking their businesses to the next level through mastering their mindset for success and implementing specific action steps to enhance their marketing, sales, and media exposure.

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Richard Kane, Social Scientist and Brazilianist

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Richard Kane, Social Scientist and Brazilianist

Richard Kane is a social scientist, Brazilianist and entrepreneur on a quest to introduce as many students, faculty and professionals from around the world to Brazil as possible.
Listen to the interview, PLAY or DOWNLOAD
He has found his dream job serving as an academic advisor, internship coordinator, career counselor and study tour coordinator for the Family and Consumer Sciences department at Illinois State University.
Born in Chicago the son of an orphaned Teamster and an angel of Swedish decent, Richard developed a relentless curiosity about the world and its people.  His quest to understand how society works has been rewarding, but not easy.
He used to be a student, confined by postmodernism until the day he escaped the classroom and flew to the most exciting country on earth.  Immediately upon landing in Rio, he followed the intellectual path of its president and became a sociologist.
Richard has spent decades covering Brazil – a vast and enigmatic land native to Guarani Indians, founded by Portuguese explorers, developed by Jesuit priests, and described by the French as the eternal country of the future.
By means of study tours, internships and the internet, Richard aims to connect professionals with students and faculty from around the world who share an interest in how basic human needs for food, shelter and clothing are met through architecture, interior design and fashion; food, nutrition and dietetics; human and family development; as well as consumer behavior and entrepreneurship in Brazil and the surrounding provinces.
Richard’s work is inspired by entrepreneurs and artists, and is informed by historians and indigenous peoples.  Trained as a percussionist, he is moved by music, particularly house and the mixture of samba and jazz known as bossa nova.  He enjoys using turntables and controllers to create new sounds to help break through cultural barriers and connect with audiences wherever he goes.
Richard blends a fundamental enthusiasm for the market, high technology and applied science with an insatiable appetite for learning, and an all-in mentality regarding experiential education and international studies and programs.
He invites you to connect with @CoverBrazil on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Posterous and Linked-In, or meet for a cafezinho.

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