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OpenPath Solutions Blog » Entertaining Clients in Brazil – Part II

OpenPath Solutions Blog » Entertaining Clients in Brazil – Part II

If you are thinking about doing business in Brazil (or maybe you are already there), one thing you should carefully consider is how to entertain your clients, prospects, peers and/or anyone you may come in contact with for business reasons. As a follow-up to my previous post Entertaining Clients in Brazil – Part I, in this post I will present less formal, yet interesting, culturally relevant, and fun options. In the end, this is Brazil. And doing business there has to involve some level of fun and relationship building. I cannot stress enough how important it is to build trust with your Brazilian counterparts in order to build successful businesses and part of building this trust is interacting on a personal and social level.

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Wilson Olivieri CFO and IR Director of Qualicorp (QUAL3).

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Wilson Olivieri CFO and IR Director of Qualicorp (QUAL3).

Wilson Olivieri is Chief Financial Officer and Director of Investor Relations ofQualicorp (QUAL3).
He received a degree in business administration, graduating from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (United Metropolitan Colleges), also specializing in finance at New York University and Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Getúlio Vargas Foundation).
Wilson Olivieri was Financial and Administrative Director of Fidelity BPO and Fidelity Processadora de Cartões from 2005 to 2009, and also worked in financial and operational areas of Medial Saúde S.A. from 2001 to 2004, EBX Brasil S.A. in 2000, Pagenet from 1996 to 2000, PepsiCo (Elma Chips and Pizza Hut) from 1989 to 1995, and Philip Morris from 1982 to 1988.
Listen to the interview with Wilson Olivieri:  PLAY  or  DOWNLOAD
Wilson Olivieri was a guest speaker at a recent Amcham-Brasil Campinas branch seminar on "Planning, Financing and Executing Growth in Your Company". Wilson shared some of his experience with the Talk 2 Brazil audience during this live internet Radio interview on LA Talk Radio.

Warren Adler: The Greying of America

Warren Adler: The Greying of America

The success of the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel may yet prove to be the watershed moment when the movie industry gets the message that ignoring people over 60 is a profound marketing mistake, not only for the film business but for "everything."
For those not yet conversant with this excellent movie, the ensemble cast is led by two formidable actresses Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, both 77. Others in the ensemble include Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy, both over 60. The plot deals with a group of still vital British retirees visiting India desperate to find some saving grace to enrich the remainder of their lives....

100 Most Influential Blogs in Brazil - The Brazil Business

100 Most Influential Blogs in Brazil - The Brazil Business


Blogs are spread on the internet, but many people just do not know the difference between a blog and a website. Well, you can find blogs and websites about anything, you just have to search a bit on the internet and done, you will find both deal with the same thing.
It is important to know that blogs can be done by anyone, dealing with anything. A teenager or an important company can get a blog to talk about their interests. The first blog was created in 1997 by Jorn Barger. Many blogs started as diaries and in the course of the time became opinion formers.
There are many influential people that work for companies, magazines or newspapers and also have their blogs, a place where they have more freedom to write and expose their own opinion. We selected the most famous blogs and also the ones that most form points of view on the Brazilian people.


There are many blogs about economy in Brazil, but with no doubts, the following 10 are the ones most accessed. "Mirian Leitão" and "O economista" are the ones that makes more success in Brazil due to the combination of economical articles with an easy going language.


Most Brazilians are not much interested in political issues. However, there are a few people who really wants to get informed about politics in the country. Here are the ten most accessed blogs from influential people in the Brazilian political scenario. The one I would like to highlight is "Noblat" blog, as it is very much popular on the internet.


Brazil is a good place for traveling on your own or with your family and friends, so it is really difficult to select only ten popular blogs once there are several blogs approaching traveling matters in Brazil, with different destinations and good programs. We have decided to introduce you what we like the most among the popular ones. "Melhores Destinos" does not only inform about good places to visit, but also the blog always warns readers about airfare promotions.


Fashion in Brazil is something really strong for those who love being "in". There are much more than ten influential blogs in the country, but these ones are the top blogs of the fashion world in Brazil. Highlighting "Garotas Estúpidas" and "Julia Petit" that talk about fashion for everyone, with an easy language without losing the focus.


Blogs about religion were created as a way to get closer to young people. We would like to highlight in this topic "Paulo Ricardo's" blog, who has found a good way to talk to his public, making use of videos and good texts.


Brazil is the country of the mixed cultures, and when it comes to music it would not be different. We found many blogs talking about very different styles of music. If you want to learn a bit more about popular Brazilian music, "Casa do Axé" is all about Axé, a style from Bahia state and "Eu amo Mpb", that talks about popular Brazilian music too. But remember that you will need to use a translation tool, once these sites are only available in Portuguese.

Culture and Entertainment

Culture and entertainment are mixed on the web. We have chosen blogs as "Soul Negra", related to the beauty of black women, as well as blogs only focused at online entertainment, as "Dr. Chapatin".


Blogs about health are mainly focused on women and family. You will notice that there are two blogs with the same name, the first one is from a company, and the second from the government. Both with a very good quality.


Blogs about sports in Brazil are mainly focused on soccer. It is difficult to find a blog that deal with other subjects being famous in the country. Fábio Sormani blog is one of the exceptions that talks about basketball. Juca Kfouri is a very good and polemic blog as well. This list is completely full of awesome writers about soccer, and sometimes other sports.


Blogs about relationship are very famous in Brazil. Their audience is mainly formed by young people, and differently from what we used to believe, this kind of blogs is not only for girls, once boys are showing to be a high audience. "Casal Sem Vergonha" is a blog that deal with relationships for couples, and for boys and girls looking for a relationship.
About the author:
Karolina Puin is a Brazilian journalist currently attending to Fundação Casper Líbero. Her background is from ESPM Marketing school and her interests are mainly focused on International Politics and Cultural Studies.

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