Daniel Bland, Editor, Americas of Global Fleet, The Executive Network

 Today’s guest is  Daniel Bland who has been a guest several times before and talking with us from his office in São Paulo. 

Daniel Bland is also an American living in Brazil, an Independent analyst and writer providing in-depth, up-to-date business news and insight, as well as corporate communication services in the Americas. A Facilitator for international business collaborations and media communications for some of the largest companies in the world. He is Editor Americas of Global Fleet, The Executive Network.

Daniel talks about the  Fleet LatamConference 2021 coming up this week showing , The Fleet LatAm Conference gives international and regional fleet and mobility managers the solutions to stimulate their business and the opportunity to learn from best practices in Latin American fleets. FREE REGISTRATION. 

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Gilberto Mayor, Machine Learning Expert, Brazil


Gilberto Mayor is an expert in machine learning, with a PHD in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, large experience on leading the development of complex machine learning software for business problems. Expert in both Probability and Programming.

He has studied at The Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, The Aeronautical Institute of Technology in São Jose dos Campos Brazil, Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

He was a Research Collaborator at the University of Campinas UNICAMP and is now CEO at BEEGOL a machine learning company in Brazil.

Gilberto, you have studied at some of the best schools in the world and you are an excellent example of People Learning and a fantastic example of Machine Learning, what are the similarities and differences?

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Renan Bandeira, Work from Anywhere, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, The World!


Renan Bandeira is a graduate of the Federal University of Ceara,in Computer Science, finished a Master´s degree In Computer Software Engineering in 2018.  In 2012 he was an exchange student at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and in 2014 a Volunteer Experience in Social Service at CMF International in Mexico. There he met new people and tried to change students’ minds making them think about their Future! Renan was highlighted in a recent newspaper article aboutBrazilians working internationally without leaving Brazil. After reading the article I immediately invited Renan to connect on LinkedIn.

Renan, when you were in Mexico talking to students did you ever think that one day you would be sitting in Fortaleza and working for a company in Orlando and now in New York?

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Uriel Jaroslawski, Urban Mobility, E-commerce Specialist, Brazil

Uriel Jaroslawski is CPO & CTO at Quicko in Brazil. He is a specialist in Urban mobility, E-commerce, Marketplace, Software Development, Product Management, Machine Learning, M&A, and Digital transformation.  He has worked in Chile, and Argentina, Studied High Performance Computing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Engineering and Information systems at Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires.

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