Karen V. Ordones, CEO tutor.id, Estonia, Brazil, the World.

Today’s guest is Karen V. Ordones talking with us from her office in Tartu, Estonia. 

Karen is Cofounder & CEO at Tutor.id. an EdTech companywhich you can find at tutor.id.

Tutor.id is the #1 global platform designed with tutors in mind. A marketplace with  powerful CRM, billing, class management tools to fuel internet-powered entrepreneurship and to equip tutors with the tools to establish, grow and manage their brand & business.

Karen talk about  her life´s journey from Brazil to Estonia! Why Estonia? Why Brazil Now?  AIESEC? 

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Ian Houston, Scottish Business Network US, Washington DC.

Ian Houston talking with us from his office in Washington DC in the USA. 

Ian Houston is President and Ambassador of the ScottishBusiness Network US. A nonprofit organization in the US with the goals of supporting Scottish companies and organizations access opportunities in North America and to bring together the Scottish diaspora across the continent. Also advocate for American entities, investors, and policy decision-makers to engage with Scotland more deeply.

 Ian, tell us about Scottish business outreach to the world and what´s in store for 2021.

Ian Houston is also a Contributing Editorial Writer at theHerald Scotland,  the “Letter from America”.

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Erico Pastana, CEO Venture Hub, Brazil

Erico Pastana is Co-Founder & CEO Venture Hub a startup and technology acceleration hub with offices in Campinas, Brazil (HQ) and Manaus, Brazil.

He is Co-Director Campinas Chapter of Founder Institute a global incubator headquartered in Silicon Valley that helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring companies and

Advisory Board Member of Kovver APP, a music platform that allows you to play and sing with your idol, removing or adding musical instruments and vocals, whenever you wish.

 Erico, last week I interviewed Marcelo Knobel Rector of Unicamp University of CAMPINAS and talked about how Campinas has the power of attraction for startups and entrepreneurs. You are an example of that!   Talk about your experience as one on these companies! And what makes the regionspecial from other ecosystem hubs in Brazil.  What do you see as the secret to continued success in the Campinas?

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