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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Business in Brazil, Daniel Mourao, Go Brazil English

Daniel Mourão, Founder and CEO of Go Brazil. Graduated (UNIP) and Pos-Graduated (Mackenzie) in International Trade, with MBA in Marketing (FGV), and Specialization in International Trade Management (Massachusetts Institute of Business/ABRACOMEX). More than 20 years of experience in International Trade, working in several companies, both providers and large industries, such as Hewlett-Packard, Thomson Reuters, 3M and Braskem. Entrepreneur since 2015, seling in USA some products sourced from China, through e-commerce platforms. ABRACOMEX Teacher, of several courses related to International Trade. Founder and CEO of Go Brazil, the first YouTube channel that links Soccer to International Trade of goods and services.
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