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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Co-Founder, Human Shojaee, Denmark

Dring the last 18 years, Human has developed a passion for designing visionary frameworks for challenging issues in society through Collaborative Innovation Thinking and Human Centered Design across sectors.  During the last 5 years, Human has been in charge of creating systems to turn more university students and researches into entrepreneurs, designed and realized the University Startup World Cup reaching more than 3 million students, created the largest Startup-Mentor Program in the Nordics, laid the foundation for Corporate - University- Startup model, developed the first talent program for health tech in the Nordics and designed the strategy for UNLEASH; the world’s largest Innovation Lab for the Sustainable Development Goals. As a spin-off from UNLEASH, Human has co-founded Sustainary; a new nonprofit initiative to transform more technologies and IPs as solutions for the SDGs.  Humans career so far reflects his cross-disciplinary profile; Co-founder of consulting company within Diversity Management, Danish Red Cross, Ministry of Treasure of Denmark (talent and diversity development), Division Director at NGO working with innovation and diversity, Founder of Brazil Agent (consulting company in real estate and investment in Brazil), Founder of DanishBrazilian Innovation Network (4th organization), CEO of Venture Cup, Chief Entrepreneur for UNLEASH and now Co-founder of Sustainary! 

Human is a member of the Advisory board for Luxembourg University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and a board member of WE Love Startup and a tech talent chairman for the Nordic tech Advocates.  LinkedIn Profile:

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