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Networking in Australia, Claudio Bettini, Brazilian Civil Engineer, Project Manager

Claudio Bettini, An experienced and resourceful Property and Construction professional, with strong leadership and management skills, problem-solving oriented and passionate about design, development and construction.

Since 2000, learning, collaborating and delivering in the construction and real estate industries within 53 projects amongst residential, corporate, commercial, shopping centre, and retail sectors handing over more than ½ billion square meters. Wearing many hats - businessman, entrepreneur, civil engineer, project manager, cost engineer, estimator, planner, auditor, teacher and mentor - I’ve learned that developing is dreaming, designing is creating, estimating is training, budgeting is knowing, planning is anticipating, building is timing, managing is leading, controlling is understanding, and delivering is persevering.

Since April 2018, working as Senior Project Manager at Codicote, “Builders on the client side” - a boutique company of construction professionals, offering construction advice, construction planning and client project management services. 

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