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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Nicole Jansen, CEO , Author, Speaker, Coach

Nicole Jansen, CEO Discover the Edge

Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Nicole has coached and trained thousands of people, helping them achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.
Certified Human Behavior Specialist, Business Breakthrough Coach, Master Trainer/Facilitator and Strategic Intervention Coach, Nicole has developed her own special brand of training and mentorship which focuses on tapping into your strengths and true purpose, integrating business and life mastery principles for holistic success.
Results her clients have achieved include:
• Increasing sales 150% in 4 weeks
• Doubling revenue year over year
• Increasing profitability 25% in 2 months
• Increasing team sales activity over 500% in one week
• Increasing productivity 25% in one day
…all within the context of a healthy team culture and purpose-driven work environment.
Her clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to large franchise organizations, covering several different industries in the B2B and B2Cspace.
Nicole also hosts a successful podcast called “Leaders Of Transformation” where she interviews business leaders and difference makers every week. Her mission is to facilitate transformation by inspiring and empowering people to become difference makers and world changers in their business and everyday life.
“You were born to win. Learn how to play to your strengths, be the best you can be, share your gifts and love with others, and live with passion. This is the only way to feel truly fulfilled and experience the success you desire.”
– Nicole Jansen
“How To Think Like An Entrepreneur”
From Facebook
Last year, I planned to take the summer off to write my first book. I blocked the time, completed everything that needed to be done ahead of time, and was finishing up the last week of podcast interviews before my hiatus, when my mother died. Three weeks later I returned home to find my husband had been unfaithful while I was away. My hopes of completing a book that summer were quickly fading.
A week later I received an email from my friend, Dominick Domasky asking if I was interested in contributing to a women's empowerment book. "Well, I may not have the emotional/mental capacity to write a whole book right now, but I can write a chapter. Yes, I'll do it."
16 other women said yes, and together with Dom's help as publisher, we wrote the book, Power Up, Super Women. Today I received my first copies in the mail!
I am so grateful that I said yes, when my brain was saying 'are you nuts?!' Today I get to not only honor my mom and embrace a new chapter in my life, I get to encourage and empower other women by sharing a piece of my story.
You can purchase a copy of Power Up, Super Women from any of the wonderful co-authors or on Amazon. If you order directly from me (via my website link below) before the end of March, I will send you a 2nd copy free so you can give it to a friend/woman in need of encouragement:

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