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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Talk 2 Brazil Guests - Matt Wilson Founder Sept. 7

Interview with Matt Wilson :  About Matt

President of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization at Bryant University and led the program to becoming the #1 ranked entrepreneurs organization in the world and became National Student Leader of the Year.

After moving home upon graduation he realized he was no longer surrounded by any smart, young, innovative people.

Founded Under30CEO is the magazine encouraging young people to go out and live the dream.

He was struck by the Talk 2 Brazil  website because so many young people are attracted to Brazil. The magazine encourages people to start their own businesses so they can create a lifestyle they want--to a lot of them this means going to Brazil and operating their business on their laptop.

Under30CEO also has an adventure and travel section in the magazine and Brazil is at the top of the list for places to go.

Matthew J. Wilson

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