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Fabiana Passoni, The Best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. and Breast Cancer survivor.

Fabiana Passoni, The Best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. and Talk 2 Brazil Person of the Year!

 Fabiana returns to Talk 2 Brazil to talk about her new album and her awesome performance in "Loving the Silent Tears" 

 International Women´s Day special interview with Fabiana Passoni
Her life story is full of challenges as well as success. Fabiana Passoni is an excellent example of a woman who can manage her personal and professional roles, radiate optimism , share a bright outlook for the future and serve as an example of dedication and perseverance for all.

Fabiana Passoni, the best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. Chosen by the Brazilian International Press Awards' 2012 Colégio Eleitoral composed of U.S. based Brazilian groups and community organizations as best Brazilian Female Singer living in the U.S. confirms Fabiana's ability to connect her fans to her music. Her recent single Lovin' You (2012) enjoyed several months in the Smooth Jazz charts. Another single, Rock With You was released in August 2012 . Check out the tracks on Fabiana Passoni´s new album Dim The Lights  released in January 2013.
 Fabiana's three-year battle with breast cancer put her on a journey not only of survival but a discovery of her own personal musical style. With joyful rhythms and a velvety voice, Fabiana achieved her style with the acclaimed 2011 release of Naturalmente Brasil featuring 12 original tracks. Composed in the midst of her battle with cancer, chemotherapy and pregnancy, Fabiana's dreams of continuing her career never faltered even among many setbacks. Her spirit propelled her rebounding success.

Fabiana Passoni participated in the new musical called "Loving the Silent Tears" which had its red carpet premiere at the Shrine Auditorium on October 27, 2012 in Los Angeles. She starred along with Grammy winners Jon Secada, Jody Watley and Broadway stars in an impressive cast of top talents representing a dozen countries. It featured music from Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award-winning composers. The grand production was created by 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha and directed by the Tony-nominated Vincent Paterson (director of Michael Jackson's BAD and Madonna's Blond Ambition Tours).
In her role, Fabiana presented a taste of Brazilian music and culture. 
Born in Poços de Caldas, Brazil, Fabiana Passoni began singing when she was 6 years old. Her father would sit on the couch composing songs while teaching her the art of interpretation and how to play to an audience. With her father's musical influence as her foundation, Fabiana also received formal vocal training with Francisco (Chico) Campos, a famous Brazilian voice trainer.
Fabiana ran a successful music school in her hometown in the late 1990's before travelling to the United States. While in New York City, Fabiana began singing bossa nova jazz fusion to American audiences. Legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Leny Andrade influenced her approach to music while she was slowly developing as a singer songwriter. She finally found her voice after moving to Los Angeles in 2007 composing songs for her debut album, É Minha Vez.
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