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Founded 2009 by Tom Reaoch as the first English language "Business in Brazil" radio program and now as a Podcast, interviewees share about "Business in Brazil and the World".

Carlos Mariaca, President The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida

Carlos Mariaca, President The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Carlos Mariaca, Dec. 9, 2013
Tri-cultural academic and professional experience –- born Brazilian and North-American citizen, studied in São Paulo schools, completed university and MBA degrees in the USA (University of Miami – Bachelor of Arts – Major: International Finance and Marketing, and University of Miami – Masters of Business Administration – Dual Specialization: International Business / International Finance). Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Always worked as a CEO or Advisor to CEO’s, mainly in corporate services, in the USA, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin America markets.
Carlos Mariaca frequently managed startups and turnarounds involving the need to minimize risks and facilitate obtainment of results while operating rigorously within prevailing laws and taxation requirements, usually involving companies learning to conduct business internationally. He is also an experienced Board member and lecturer in the three cultures.
 I´ve met Carlos many times over the years and recently had the pleasure of following one of his presentations here  at ACIC , The Association of Commerce and Industry of Campinas .

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