Cliff Hoskins, Founder Hoskins Global Trade, Santa Clara, CA.

Cliff Hoskins, Founder Hoskins Global Trade, Santa Clara, CA.

Cliff Hoskins, Founder of Hoskins Global Trade, Santa Clara, CA.
Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Cliff Hoskins , Interview date: June 9, 2014.
I recently met Cliff at the Atlanta City Trade mission presentation at FIESP in Sao Paulo. We´ll talk about Cliff´s experiences in and with Brazil and challenges in Busseness Start up.
The United States National Initiative to double exports by 2015 served as a catalyst forCliff Hoskins to establish Hoskins Global Trade in May 2013.  To prepare himself for the opportunity, Cliff acquired a Certificate in Export Management taught by Oakland’s Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE).
Cliff Hoskins was a former director of compliance in a Santa Clara County midsized nonprofit organization.
Cliff is currently stationed in Sao Paulo, Brazil with on ground experience in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia. He actively communicates with U.S. Commercial Services’ Gold Key staff (U.S. Embassy).  The role of GK is to match U.S. companies to importers capable of distributing U.S. products to retailers.
 A challenge exists as many business decision makers responsible for ordering products will be unavailable during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup.  To off-set the challenge, Hoskins Global is in direct contact with customs brokers to locate buyers and distributors in anticipation of acquiring sales orders ASAP.  Hoskins Global’s product line includes:Mother’s 3rd Arm, and LED test monitors
Los Angeles based City National Bank gave Cliff the “green-light” to team with as many U.S. based companies as possible to export products overseas.  
Brazilian and Taiwanese Exports:
As a “start-up and new entrant to the international trade scene Hoskins Global recognizes the importance ad value of forming alliances.  One such alliance has enabled Hoskins Global to diversify its product portfolio and connect directly to a Brazilian supplier of Gourmet Coffee.  The alliance will soon enable Hoskins Global to export Gourmet Coffee to North American and Asian markets.  As equally important, Hoskins Global is asked by a Taiwanese company rep to investigate the possibility of exporting a biodegradable plastic to Brazil.
 Why Brazil?
“The domestic market is still red hot, but in the end it’s cheaper to import goods because of the so-called Brazil cost, which is still high,” said José Augusto de Castro, president of theBrazilian Foreign Trade Association.
An Opportunity to Contribute:
As a native of Chicago’s South Side, Cliff identifies with Afro-Brazilians and their quest to obtain equality, respect, and dignity within Brazil’s socio-economic sphere.  He “fits” here.  In addition to his entrepreneurial aspirations’ an opportunity exits to contribute with his MBA skill sets acquired at Baylor’s Hankermer School of Business and direct connections to his former professors and staff at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business’ Center for Social Innovation should enable him to assist Zumbi dos Palmares (a majority-minority) University in Sao Paulo to apply for and receive foundation grants and gifts from philanthropic organizations.

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