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Founded 2009 by Tom Reaoch as the first English language "Business in Brazil" radio program and now as a Podcast, interviewees share about "Business in Brazil and the World".

Naked Brands, Marcelo Moraes, Digital Transformation, Brazil, Canada.

Talk 2 Brazil the Business Connection, the world’s first English language internet radio program about Business in Brazil since 2009.
Tom Reaoch, an American living in Brazil for many years and known as the King of Networking and talking from my studio in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Today’s guest is Marcelo Moraes,
 Marcelo is a Brazilian, Digital Content Strategist, Marketing Executive, and a specialist in Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Business Development, Marcelo is talking to us from his office in Toronto, Canada. Marcelo is a participant at the Humber College Professional & Continuing Education School of Media Studies & Information Technology.  Marcelo and Tom Reaoch members of the Future Advisory Board which meets in the ACIC The Industrial and Commercial Association of Campinas. Marcelo is a frequent guest on my Portuguese Language Podcast BBN Brasil Business Network

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