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Israeli Innovation, Nathalia Santos, Partner OurCrowd, Brazil

Today’s guest is Nathalia Santos, Partner at OurCrowd Brazil, Nathalia has been a guest previously on our Sister podcast In Portuguese BBN Brasil Business Network. Nthalia and I met last year In Sao Paulo at the OurCrowd Summit which launched OurCrowd in Brazil. Nathalia joins us today from her home office in Sao Paulo.
OurCrowd is a global venture investing platform with home base in Israel that empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies. Istsrael is the world´s leader in innovation and at the summit last year I learned just how widely OurCrowd invests in innovation and startup development across a wide range of opportunities. Nathalia recently returned from Israel and tells tell us about her. visit.

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