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Sam Welbeck, Academic Director, Transformational Leader, Cairo, Egypt


 Today’s guest is Sam Welbeck joining us from Cairo, Egypt.

Saw Welbeck is an Academic Director of Schools and a school principal. Sam is a transformational leader, a builder of positive workplace cultures, has a supportive, visionary leadership style and drive that permeates through organizations. A public speaker, Sam has co-authored two books on the use of AR Augmented Reality in the classroom.

1.     Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Augmented Reality forLanguage Learning in Primary Years Programme (PYP) Education.

2.     Augmented Reality at School. Practical Guide for Educators: You will learn how to apply Augmented Reality applications for K-12 from educators around the world.

For our audience, I met Sam about a week ago on LinkedIn when I read a LinkedIn post of his where he shares a story of a 4-year-old boy who made and official complaint of a violation at school for using his photo and not asking his permission.

Find more about Sam Welbeck as I did on LinkedIn   

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