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Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist

Edwin Asberg, Sports Management Specialist
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Edwin is originally from a Brazilian town called Holambra which is strongly connected to international culture, more especifically the Dutch one.  In 2010 Edwin decided to study for his  masters in Europe,  and is currently finishing his masters in sport management at the German Sport University, in Cologne, Germany.
Edwin studied Sports (with focus on sport management) at the University of Sao Paulo where he participated in the junior enterprise. Besides an academic background, he also worked  at Máquina do Esporte  in Brazil, a leading media company that covers sports from a a business perspective. In addition to his studies in Germany Edwin is also an assistant at the international department of Sport und Markt, a global leader in market research in sports based in Cologne.
In Europe, Edwin tries to attend as many sport events as possible like the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals, but also to smaller ones like boxing and wakeboard contests. He also plans to be present at the Olympics in London!
Topics of interest: academic research, market research, sponsoring, social media, innovation. And even better when they are all connected to (any) sport.

You can find Edwin Asberg on and LinkedIn

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