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Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Richard Kane, Social Scientist and Brazilianist

Talk 2 Brazil Interview with Richard Kane, Social Scientist and Brazilianist

Richard Kane is a social scientist, Brazilianist and entrepreneur on a quest to introduce as many students, faculty and professionals from around the world to Brazil as possible.
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He has found his dream job serving as an academic advisor, internship coordinator, career counselor and study tour coordinator for the Family and Consumer Sciences department at Illinois State University.
Born in Chicago the son of an orphaned Teamster and an angel of Swedish decent, Richard developed a relentless curiosity about the world and its people.  His quest to understand how society works has been rewarding, but not easy.
He used to be a student, confined by postmodernism until the day he escaped the classroom and flew to the most exciting country on earth.  Immediately upon landing in Rio, he followed the intellectual path of its president and became a sociologist.
Richard has spent decades covering Brazil – a vast and enigmatic land native to Guarani Indians, founded by Portuguese explorers, developed by Jesuit priests, and described by the French as the eternal country of the future.
By means of study tours, internships and the internet, Richard aims to connect professionals with students and faculty from around the world who share an interest in how basic human needs for food, shelter and clothing are met through architecture, interior design and fashion; food, nutrition and dietetics; human and family development; as well as consumer behavior and entrepreneurship in Brazil and the surrounding provinces.
Richard’s work is inspired by entrepreneurs and artists, and is informed by historians and indigenous peoples.  Trained as a percussionist, he is moved by music, particularly house and the mixture of samba and jazz known as bossa nova.  He enjoys using turntables and controllers to create new sounds to help break through cultural barriers and connect with audiences wherever he goes.
Richard blends a fundamental enthusiasm for the market, high technology and applied science with an insatiable appetite for learning, and an all-in mentality regarding experiential education and international studies and programs.
He invites you to connect with @CoverBrazil on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Posterous and Linked-In, or meet for a cafezinho.

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