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Leonardo Mattiazzi, Vice President, International Business Ci&T

Leonardo Mattiazzi, Vice President, International Business Ci&T

Leonardo Mattiazzi is vice president of International Business at Ci&T. With Ci&T since 1997, Leonardo has spearheaded several of the company's critical business units, including Professional Services, Sales, Marketing and Software Products. 
A truly global company, Ci&T is headquartered in Campinas, Brazil, with strategic locations across Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. Ci&T's US headquarters is in King of Prussia, PA. where Leonardo talks to us on this interview.
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Two of his standout achievements were the launch of Sensedia, a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-focused organization, and the creation of Ci&T's Interactive Services practice. He has been an active proponent and driver of the Ci&T's transformation into a Lean organization. A prominent industry thought leader on the topic of Lean as both an application development principle and a cultural organizational tenet.
Leonardo has helped to facilitate and grow the company's emphasis on high-performance teams, whose talent, shared purpose and commitment to skills mastery promote continuous innovation and generate high quality results for Ci&T's clients.
 Leonardo Mattiazzi holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UNICAMP, University of Campinas, Brazil and an MBA from the Fox Business School, at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

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