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Jim Olson, 79 and Author of "4 STAR RETIREMENT - 2 STAR BUDGET"

Jim Olson, 79 and Author of "4 STAR RETIREMENT - 2 STAR BUDGET"

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil Interview by Tom Reaoch with Jim Olson on LA Talk Radio, August 5, 2013 : PLAY or DOWNLOAD

Jim Olson , 79 years old, twice retired and author of two books , his latest book is 4 STAR RETIREMENT - 2 STAR BUDGET.

        His first retirement was as Financial Studies Manager for U.S. West Telephone Co., after 28 years of service. He then began a 15 year career as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  With Jean, his wife of 58 years, they originated and operated three real estate offices, in addition to several other profitable small businesses. Although retired, he continued to assume responsible roles with my community. Jim Olson is a Board of Directors member of a nationally recognized retirement community of 1200 residents. In addition, he is an advisor to the Area Agency on Aging and the Port of Olympia, WA.

   His first book, DOING A LOT WITH A LITTLE, From the Depression to Century 21, is his life story from birth in the Great Depression through a long and successful business career, leading to a very enjoyable retirement.

   4 STAR RETIREMENT - 2 STAR BUDGET, published by Motivational Press describes steps to achieve a successful retirement, without a huge bucket of money. Jim covers the full topic of retirement, such as; where to live, type of dwelling, finances needed to retire, how to make your money last in retirement, taxes, estate planning, supplementing retirement income, traveling, health, giving back, plus much more. Jim graduated Cum Laude from the University Of Washington Business School, and completed graduate studies in Real Estate Management.

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