Maureen Francisco, author of "It Takes Moxie".

Maureen Francisco, author of "It Takes Moxie".

 Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Maureen Francisco on LA Talk Radio, August 19, 2013: PLAY or DOWNLOAD.
Maureen Francisco is the author of It Takes Moxie: Off the Boat, Or Out of School, To Making It Your Way in America, which is the winner in the Multicultural Nonfiction category of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards. A former TV anchor and reporter throughout the U.S. and reality show contestant, today Maureen has written for numerous publications including the Huffington Post, Young Upstarts, and many others.Maureen has made an appearance on the Rachael Ray show and was featured on in early 2013. She has appeared in more than 50 media outlets as a contributor, expert or talent. 
Maureen is often asked to be an emcee/host, panel member or keynote speaker for various business organizations and universities. As the co-owner of NW Productions LLC, a media and production company, Maureen produces live shows, red carpet events, and reality programming. .
According to statistics, a non-English speaker will rarely find success in America. According to statistics, a child living in poverty will stay in poverty. Maureen Francisco was destined for the same fateful fact of life, where things just 'happen' to you. But according to Maureen, success is dependent upon what you do.
Maureen immigrated to the US from the Philippines when she was just five years old. Her English was poor at best and the teasing was non-stop at school. However, Maureen did not play the victim card. She used her experiences as motivation rather than limitation. She diligently practiced English until she mastered it, and wound up with a better grasp on it than her native English-speaking peers. She worked three jobs simultaneously to pay for her college education while still managing to graduate at the top of her class. 

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