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Dominick Domasky, author, Don’t Double Bread the Fish, Piitsburgh, PA.

Dominick Domasky, author, Don’t Double Bread the Fish, Piitsburgh, PA.

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Dominick Domasky on LA Talk Radio, Channel 1, September 2, 2013 
Dominick Domasky , author of Don’t Double Bread the Fish, Dominick’s 1st inspirational book was not written from a pedestal, but from the trenches of digging ditches, picking up cigarette butts and overcoming countless failures. Don’t Double Bread The Fish is not about Dominick, but thirty nine chapters of the modern day lessons he learned along the way. Dominick will never pretend to be an Olympic gold medalist or business titan, he’ll be the first to admit he’s just a guy who has failed, been benched, suffered setbacks, lawsuits, punches to the face, and got up and brushed himself off. Dominick has no ill will of the past, but looks back and finds humor and strength. As the old saying goes, “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger!”
Dominick Domasky is a loving father of two beautiful children and a devoted husband from a small town named Greensburg, right outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Dominick is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in business management, a supporter of JDRF, an inspirational author, a motivational speaker, and a successful cold calling, door knocking commercial insurance salesman. The loves of his life are his family, business, telling stories and basketball.
Mr. Domasky arrived at inspirational story writing and motivational speaking with a unique background. As a boy Dominick learned the value of hard work pulling weeds and doing odd jobs in the fields of his father’s landscape company. He took that knowledge, placed it into his passions, and carried it throughout everything in his life from basketball to business.  The only problem was he failed, over and over.
In 2002 Dominick quit his job to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. Three years later he was nearly a half a million dollars in debt, jobless and wanted by the law (business related of course). His wife was pregnant with their first child, that his family had struggled to have for years, and he couldn’t afford to feed them. 
Dominick rebounded from this setback. With ever present persistence and no sales experience he was able to find a job in sales. Lack of experience meant nothing because Dominick believed in himself all along. Dominick found joy in meeting and helping new people in turn his numbers were great and he had soon found himself a career he loved.
The sales company he worked for was big on writing your goals and in a tiny spiral notebook he began to put his pen to the pad. Soon goals became sentences, and sentences became paragraphs. Before long Don’t Double Bread The Fish was born.
Dominick can be seen every day on Twitter @motivationchamp sharing messages of inspiration.

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