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Luiza Pessoa Guazzelli, Honor Student, Long Branch High School, New Jersey

Luiza Pessoa Guazzelli, Honor Student, Long Branch High School, New Jersey

Listen to the Talk 2 Brazil interview by Tom Reaoch with Luiza Guazzelli on LA Talk Radio, Channel 1, September 9, 2013: PLAY or DOWNLOAD
Luiza Pessoa Guazzelli is Brazilian and moved to the United States almost five years ago at the age of twelve. She is now a senior at Long Branch High School in New Jersey and will be applying to college this fall.
She recently visited the University of California, Berkeley and plans a visit toPrinceton and MIT as well as other colleges for evaluation.
Luiza is a member of the volleyball team, a part of the National Honor Society and the school’s Science Team.
Luiza Guazzelli is number one in her class at Long Branch and plans to major in Civil Engineering. At Long Branch High School she is involved with an after-school volunteering group called PACES “Participating Around the Community to create an Environment of Success”
She was able to take advantage of the opportunities offered to her in a foreign country . One of the most recent opportunities allows her to take part in a civil engineering project that is ongoing in her town through her high school engineering class.
Her experience with moving and studying in another country and the difficulties and benefits she found can help other students when deciding to study abroad.

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