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Alibaba Get Brazil, Renata Thiebaut, COO Green Proposition, UAE

Talk 2 Brazil Podcast - The Business Connection by Tom Reaoch, Podcast Host and Producer
Today’s guest is Renata Thiebaut joining us today from Ottawa Canada.
Renata Thiebaut is Brazilian, previously a guest on Talk 2 Brazil and truly a global person, with more than 10 years of experience living, working, learning, and teaching In China. Amongst many of her skills she is now an Alibaba Global Course Lecturer at Taobao Marketplace, a professor and Advisory Board Member at Alibaba Business School,
Partner and COO of Green Proposition a company established in the United Arab Emirates and responsible for bringing Alibaba's GET Program to Brazil and in Portuguese.
The Get Program will offer training for the first time in Brazil on a platform to empower women and young people. It’s an incredible program that will  not only provide free training by Alibaba Business School but also give a rare opportunity to earn cash.
This is really exciting news about Alibaba´s Get Program to Brazil  in Portuguese and at no cost!
For students over 18 years of age:
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