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Talk 2 Brazil Podcast - The Business Connection by Tom Reaoch, Podcast Host and Producer
Roger Spitz is the founder of Techistential, The Global Foresight, Strategy & Futures Intelligence platform. Roger works in an Advisory capacity with business leaders worldwide to capitalize on disruption as a springboard to drive value. He is founding Chairman of the Disruptive FuturesInstitute an Education Think Tank and is also an advisor and speaker on Artificial IntelligenceRoger has invested in several AI startups, has lived, and worked in 10 different cities across 3 continents including Brazil.
Roger knows Brazil well and also something about the Brazilian mindset, In my years here  I found “Disruption” to be a way of life and for years business leaders trained to spin on a dime, every day was a new day, not necessarily a better day. Are there quick fix springboards?

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