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Digital Brand Storyteller, Eva Hsu, Shanghai, China

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Today’s guest is Eva Hsu joining us again from Shanghai, China. Eva and I connected on LinkedIn and I interviewed her here in May. Eva Hsu is a Digital brand storyteller, Data architect & Founder specializing in Market Research and Strategy in China.

Eva has been a cross-culture storyteller since the age of 8, lived in the US as a child and later educated in Taiwan, switching from English to Mandarin Chinese has been part of her daily life.

As an international business developer, she works with startups to corporate clients as well as NPO/NGO projects. Eva´s clients come from a variety of places:  US, Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Singapore, China, as well as Brazil.

In May we talked about Storytelling and branding.  In a recent post of yours on LinkedIn you mention “First weekend in Shanghai, after completing the 14-day hotel quarantine”.Today I´d like to talk about your story, your recent return to Shanghai, quarantine and new normal in China!

Thanks for sharing your time with our listeners.@evahsustories and her site

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