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Secrets of Influence, Elaina Zuker, Author, CEO EZInfluence, Canada

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Elaina Zuker is a seasoned businesswoman, author, consultant, and educator. President of Elaina Zuker Associates in Montréal, Canada. Has taught seminars to hundreds of employees and managers at major corporations such as AT&T, IBM, American Express, MCI International, and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and industry events.

Author of six books, on leadership, management, and communication. Her best-selling book, “The Seven Secrets of Influence” (McGraw-Hill), the recent Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club, has been translated into four languages, and is now also an e-book.

Her latest book is “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” and is now part of a co-authored book on the subject in Portuguese.

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