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Andre Chaves, Co-Founder Future Hacker, Brazil

 Today’s guest is Andre Chaves talking with us from his office in Sao Paulo Brazil. 

Andre is Chief Growth Officer, Squadra Ventures, focused on Business Development of innovation and technology-driven projects; He is Strategic Advisor to bettrAds an AI Adtech SAAS Platform that empowers marketing teams to get more performance on their Ad campaigns and Founder of Leme Growth, helpings companies and startups in the technology, media, and communication segment to digital transformation and to identify innovative growth alternatives.

Andre is also a volunteer and co-founder of Future Hacker, exploring new paths, new discoveries, and new thoughts that should become reality in 10, 20, 30 years.

 The Global market has become one market, and probably in the next ten years we will see markets on other planets, as you see it “What is the outlook for 2021 tech driven projects in Brazil? “ Why should international companies and investors look here for opportunities?

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