Yassine Regragui, Fintech, China Expert, Paris, France, Dec 9 2020


Today’s guest is Yassine Regragui talking with us from Paris, France, We first met through mutual LinkedIn connections.

 Yassine has years of international working experience in Fintech including 6 years in China at the Alibaba group and Deloitte. He was the first non-Chinese employee to join Alipay in China to lead the multilingual app´s Product Operations. He speaks 5 languages and lived in Hungary and Morocco. Yassine is a guest speaker, lecturer, and Certified Fintech expert.

You have seen and follow the cutting-edge technology in digital payments and Alibaba and Alipay are probably benchmarks today. It has been said that most Chinese handle all payments thru the smartphone devices and that, payments are cashless and touch free.   Here in Brazil, we see a strong movement towards digital payments and transactions as well. The question: is money as we know it in the world obsolete? Do we still need banks? 

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