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Priscilla Shumba, Reinventing Perspectives Podcast Host, Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia


Talk 2 Brazil the Business Connection, a leading Business Podcast about business in the world.

 I´m Tom Reaoch, an American, known as the King of Networking, connecting people from my studio in Brazil.

 Today’s guest is Priscilla Shumba Founder of Helping Early Entrepreneurs Win at Business.

She is joining us today from Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia.

Priscilla is also an Author and Podcast Host at Reinventing Perspectives Podcast.

Priscilla Welcome again to Talk 2 Brazil the Business Connection.  We talk a lot about Change, Things that change and things that stay the same.

We talked almost a year ago, what´s changed for you Personally and professionally?

 What are perspectives for you and your business for 2023 as well as perspectives for Entrepreneurs for next year?

You can find more about Priscilla Shumba at

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