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Founded in 2009 as the first English language Internet Radio Program. Business in Brazil and the world. Now in Podcast format.

Filipe Wesley de Souza, Co-founder, Global Business, Brazil, China, UAE, USA


Talk 2 Brazil the Business Connection, a leading Brazil Business Podcast talking about business in the world.

Today’s guest is Filipe Wesley de Souza Talking with us from Londrina, Parana Brazil.

I met Filipe thru Eva Hsu one of my guests from China who made the Connection.

Filipe Wesley de Souza has vast global business and education experience, having lived and worked in the USA for 14, years, China for 9 years and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for 2 years and now in Brazil where he is co-Founder of  . the fastest growing online teachers' marketplace in the world.    Filipe, tell us about his global journey and your thoughts of “What makes the world different but more importantly what makes it the same”?

2) and how it offers an amazing suite of business management tools for private tutors and a marketplace to grow business with new students. 

Ouça "Filipe Wesley de Souza, Co-founder, Global Business, Brazil, China, UAE, USA" no Spreaker.

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