Alex Foessel, Agro Technology Expert, Pittsburgh, PA


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 Today’s guest is Alex Foessel, An Agro TechnologyExpert joining us again from the United States.

Alex Foessel, is Managing Partner at BalancedEngineering in Dubuque, Iowa. A Market Technology Strategist, An expert on Aerial Autonomy and Aerial Inspection, a PHD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University keeps him at the forefront of field robotics and space exploration vehicles. He is also co-owner of a cattle ranch in Chile.

He just left Cincinnati, Ohio, finishing a conference on product safety and liability, trying to stay ahead of the upcoming wave of adding AI to off-road products.

I want talk about Farm to fork and Rural and Small farms versus megafarms. But let’s jump into what’s happening with AI in Off road equipment?

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Alex Foessel, Market Technology Strategy Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA

  Joining us today from Pittsburgh, PA, Alex Foessel, Managing Partner at Balanced Engineering , A market Technology Strategy Specialist, A...

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