Renata Thiébaut, Digital Transformation Expert, Shanghai, China

Today’s guest is Renata Thiébaut a digital transformation and e-commerce operations expert joining us again from Shanghai, China.

Renata Thiebaut, COO and B2G Relations at GreenProposition Consulting, head quartered in the United Arab Emirates. Providing B2G solutions for Digital transformation, SME empowerment and e commerce operations.  Author of the book “Alibaba Behind the Curtains” available on Amazon.  In the book you talk about: Backstage stories of the largest e-commerce company in the world  

You used the phrase.

"Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of running your business?

The recent strengthening of the BRICS Brazil, China, Middle East, Africa seems to add to the Overwhelming!

How can small and medium size business overcome that?

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